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Surface Magic

Works Right Before Your Eyes! I had some leaves, bugs, etc. on the surface of my pool. I stood at one end, put the drops in and immediately (it all) started moving toward the skimmer! I will definitely keep using this product and recommending it to everyone I know. You won't be disappointed.

The Blue Stuff

"Does its job amazingly! Great product that keeps water looking its best."

"Quick Acting, Dependable. The product works wonders on those "iced tea" stains which can plague fiberglass pool surfaces. Begin the year with a bottle and add small maintenance doses throughout the season to keep the fiber surface clear, clean and without stains."

The Sapphire Stuff

"It will clear up the cloudiest of waters! Spent less on clarifiers, but this one is worth its weight in gold. It works like a gem (Sapphire). Water temperature and/or water ph doesn't seem to affect the workability of this product. Hands down the best clarifier."

"Sapphire blows the competition out of the water!!!"

Stain ID Kit

"Removed stains immediately, Easy to use. This worked just like it said, MAGIC! I poured it on my steps as directed and the stains disappeared. I found that packet #1 worked best for our stains."

"We had a staining problem we have never had in the 10 years of owning a pool. It wouldn't rub off, and became darker every day. I bought this kit and followed directions and was able to identify the type of stain and order products to remove the stain. Very Easy and it works great."

Step Stuff

"Really Works! This product is really MAGIC. We have battled for years with our pool steps turning brown and this simple to use product works every time we need it. Very easy to use, it's safe and a delight to see the finished results. We have recommended this to everyone we know that has a pool. We are very satisfied customers and cannot Thank You enough for helping to keep our pool at its BEST."

"Works great!!!! I opened my pool this year to yellow stains!! I have an 18 x 36 inground vinyl lined pool. I used this product and just like Magic every stain disappeared within a minute where I used it!!! I need to buy some more because of the staining around my drain, but I did use it on my entire stairs, 2 small spots on the liner, and half the drain. So it was well worth the price. I am shocked at how well it worked!! I am extremely excited about my white steps!"

The Purple Stuff

"Excellent Product, I have a fiberglass pool that started showing stains on the bottom. After using Jack's Magic Purple Stuff for awhile the stains disappeared. I continue using this product with no more stain problems"

The Copper and Scale Stuff

"Brownish stains, This really does work like magic. My pool is fiberglass and stains easily if the pH goes above 7.2. This will remove it overnight.

The Iron Cobalt and Spot Etching Stuff

"Well Water Issue, Our well water is greenish in color and causes brown stains on our white plaster. I had spent two years and several thousand dollars trying to find the cause of the stains and how to get it resolved. The stain ID kit identified the stain and the solution without having to empty the water to clean. Since using Solution 1 with The Blue Stuff, our pool water is clear, plaster white and we are no longer ashamed of a dirty looking pool."

"Nothing better for fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools tend to yellow from minerals in the water. I have tried many different products, and most did nothing. Some were highly acidic, and though they worked, they'd really throw off the water chemistry and make pool unuseable for swimming for quite awhile. Others you had to get chlorine to zero, which brings a whole new set of problems. Jacks #1 does a great job of very quickly - within 3 hours - getting fiberglass back to like new color. It does not greatly disrupt the PH, and you just need to get chlorine down to 1PPM, which doesn't bring problems. I spent years trying to find best solution to keep a fiberglass pool looking good. Use this product a couple times a year, and use Jack's The Pink Stuff weekly (maintenance doze of maybe 2 OZ per 10,000 gallons) and you will be a MUCH happier owner of a fiberglass pool."

"All I can say is, Wow! The stain is completely gone from all surfaces. In 24 hours I was able to erase 8 years of headaches. Your product is simply amazing. Thanks again for all your help."


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