Water Line & Tile Cleaner

Customers turn to Power Blue when nothing else works! It removes the toughest sun-baked, oily black scum lines and water marks. It’s a simple as spraying on and wiping off, no scrubbing needed.


Power Blue SCALE OFF is a revolutionary new product to remove calcium carbonate scale and efflorescence. It is designed specifically to solve one of the worst swimming pool area maintenance problems. SCALE OFF is effective in removing approximately 2-4 mils of scale per application.

Instant Cartridge & DE Filter Cleaner

If you’re looking for unbelievable results it’s here! Our Power Blue Cartridge & DE Filter Cleaner completely removes all contaminants & degreases in minutes without soaking overnight. This cleaner promotes longer filter cycles and efficient filtration. It’s as simple as spray on and hose off, no soaking.

High Gloss Ultra UV Protectant

Power Blue High Gloss Ultra UV Protectant restores original luster and shine while providing UV protection for Spa Covers, Slides, Outdoor Patio Furniture, Fiberglass and All Vinyl. High Gloss Ultra UV Protectant unlike other products does not contain silicone oils, wax or petroleum distillates, so there is no oily dirt attracting film.

Filter Backwash Cleaner

Power Blue Filter Backwash Cleaner removes the oils and crud that clog your sand filter in just one treatment!