Jack’s Magic Products, Inc., the pool and spa industry’s leader in identifying, preventing and removing stains and discoloration, has built a reputation for innovative quality products and programs that deliver results.

All Jack’s Magic products are designed to be used WITH the water in the pool – saving you time, money and effort. By treating stain issues with the pool water left in the pool, it is estimated that Our Program has saved over 200 million gallons of pool water annually that would otherwise be lost if a pool was drained and acid washed.

Jack’s Magic is one of the most widely known and respected brands, and is marketed and distributed nationally and internationally.

Who is Jack?

Know Jack. No Stains.

Jack calls himself a “fix-it” guy and has specialized in helping to solve the pool & spa industry’s problems for over 25 years. Jack developed the first Jack’s Magic products (The Iron, Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff and The Pink Stuff) as a combined system to help his customers solve spot etching and iron issues in their pools. These products quickly formed the basis of the Jack’s Program.

Each Jack’s Magic product has been developed with a specific pool problem in mind, with the goal of helping your pool return to a sparkling & clear state.

Have a problem and are unsure where to start?

For staining, scaling & discoloration issues, try Our Program. If you still need help, Jack’s Magic offers unparalleled technical support at 1-800-348-1656 or through email here.

Our Facility

Jack’s Magic Facility Allows for Current and Future Growth

Jacks Magic Facility in Largo Florida. Our facility, located in Largo, Florida, is home to Jack’s Magic Products, Inc. With almost 50,000 square feet of production, distribution, technical, and administrative space, we are able to meet our current growth as well as plan for substantial future growth. Included in our production facility is a state-of-the-art packaging room enabling Jack’s Magic to adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing quality control.


Jack’s Magic Products does not use any automated answering systems or call center employees. If you call during our business hours, a Jack’s Magic employee will always be available to answer your questions. Committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Jack’s Magic supports its brand, products, programs, and customers through training, education, and support.