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  • My pool has stains. What do I do?

    We always suggest you start with the Stain Identification Kit to identify which Jack’s Magic product (or products) will best help in your specific situation. The Stain Identification Kit is designed to take all the guesswork out of stain removal! Once you’ve determined which treatment worked the best, you can proceed to treat the pool. Try to follow Our Program!

  • My stains are on the wall or the deep end (ie: floor) of the pool. How do I apply The Stain ID Kit products?

    The easiest method to applying the product is by using a knee high panty hose: put the product in the hose, tying a knot at the base of the product forming a ball and then hold it on the stain. If the stains cannot be reached with your hand you can tie the panty hose to a brush or skimmer pole.

  • Why do I need The Blue, Pink, Purple, or Magenta Stuff included in my stain treatment?

    The stain removers will lift the stain off the surface, but it’s The Blue, Pink, Purple, or Magenta Stuff that will remove the metals from the pool so they can be filtered out.

  • The stains in my pool are a rusty brown and yellowish color. My pool service man says they are iron. Which one of your products should I use to remove the stains?

    We always suggest that you begin with a Stain Identification Kit before proceeding to a treatment. Though you may be sure that it’s an iron problem, it could be one of two different products (or a combination of products) that will help lift your stain. Our Stain ID Kit saves yourself a lot of time and guesswork by allowing you to see how well each product will work in your pool environment.

  • I have a Nature 2 System (or mineralization) and I have stains in my pool. What should I do?

    To begin, you should use the Stain IDentification Kit to determine what’s needed to remove the stains. Once you’ve determined what will work, you will need to remove the Nature 2 System while doing the treatment. You’ll want to follow the directions on Our Program page, or call one of our technicians (800-348-1656) for assistance.

  • My stains are gone now. How should I rebalance my pool?

    The pool must be rebalanced very gradually using sodium bicarbonate/alkalinity increaser only (this may take a few days). Add no more than 4lbs. per day at a rate of 1 1/2lb. wait 3hrs., test, add 1 1/2lb. again, test and repeat until the level is where it should be. If your chlorine is low (due to a #1 treatment) you want to raise that gradually, also, and DO NOT SHOCK FOR AT LEAST A WEEK AFTER A TREATMENT!

  • How can I prevent the stains from coming back in my pool?

    We suggest you keep your pool on one of our Sequestering Agents (The Blue, Pink, Purple, or Magenta Stuff) in order to help prevent stains from coming back to your pool. This is Step 3 (Prevention) of Our Program. You will want to keep the levels of product in your pool between 10-12ppm. If you are using the Blue, Pink or Purple Stuff, we recommend that you purchase a Sequest Test Kit to know for sure how much active product you have in your pool. The Magenta Stuff cannot be tested with the Sequest Test Kit and should be used following the dosage directions on the bottle.

  • I have a salt pool or a pool with high total dissolved solids. Should I be using The Blue, Pink, Purple, or Magenta Stuff?

    You should be using The Purple Stuff or The Magenta Stuff, as they are both formulated for salt pools and pools with high total dissolved solids. For more information on which Sequestrant to use, follow the flow chart on Our Program page. Remember, there is no wrong answer!

  • Can I swim after using The Blue, Pink, Purple, or Magenta Stuff?

    Yes, you can swim – you will just want to wait 15 minutes to allow for the product to adequately circulate.

  • I have a heater that cannot be bypassed. After doing The Stain ID Kit, the #2 Treatment worked best. What should I do?

    If your heater cannot be bypassed we suggest putting the pool on The Blue, Purple, or Magenta Stuff only at an initial dose of one quart per 10,000 (one quart per 15,000 for Magenta Stuff) gallons, and if using the Sequest Test Kit, testing it once a week to keep the Blue or Purple Stuff at 20ppm. If using The Magenta Stuff, which cannot be tested with the Sequest Test Kit, add 8-10oz. per week based on a 15,000 gallon pool.

  • I have a heater on my pool. Is The Pink, Blue, Purple, or Magenta Stuff safe on my heater?


  • I have a white scale looking appearance in my pool. What should I do?

    We always suggest using our Stain Identification Kit and following Our Program for any staining or discoloration issues you may find in your swimming pool or spa.

  • I have algae in my pool. Which one of your products should I use?

    We suggest using The Yellow Stuff to treat the algae in your pool. If you sanitize it with chlorine, it will not work with ionization systems (Nature 2, Frog Systems, Catalyst)

  • If I use your Catalyst System, will I still have to use chlorine to sanitize the pool?

    Yes, you will still have to use chlorine. The Catalyst does not replace using chlorine but it does cut down on the amount of chlorine you will have to use in your pool.

  • What should I use along with the Catalyst System to prevent staining?

    We suggest using The Ionizer Stuff in a monthly dose to prevent staining.

  • I have yellowish-brown stains on my steps and nowhere else in the pool. Should I try The Step Stuff kit?

    Yes; just make sure your pool is within the water chemistry parameters listed on the back of the box, and ensure that your pool pump is turned off before using the product.