Preventative maintenance in swimming pools and spas is an extremely important aspect of being a pool or spa owner. Why? Because preventative maintenance greatly reduces the chance that stains, discolorations and other “above the waterline” problems will occur!
Proper water testing, good sanitizers, a proven sequestrate, enzymes, a dependable algaecide, and The Filter Fiber Stuff can further ensure that pools and spas always look their best, and that potential problems never become real problems.
Here are some of our other products that can assist you in maintaining a sparkling clean swimming pool or spa! If you have a staining or scaling issue, please follow Our Program first.

Water Testing

  • The Jack’s Magic Professional Test kit provides accurate and consistent results for different water chemistry parameters necessary to test pool water and solve problems. Using this kit helps to ensure that your pool water remains perfectly balanced for swimming.
  • This test kit on the other hand measures the levels of The Blue Stuff, The Pink Stuff or the Purple Stuff currently active and working in your pool water to remove or prevent staining from occurring.

Chlorine Reducers

  • After Shock is Jack’s Magic chlorine reducing product. It’s called “After Shock” because it’s the perfect product to use after shocking your swimming pool, as it can be used to quickly reduce the chlorine to safer swimming levels.


Oils, greases, and dirt enter a swimming pool through the water from swimmers (sweat, suntan lotions, make up, etc.) and from the air (dust, dirt, pollen, etc.). Left unchecked, these contaminants may form a “scum line” above the waterline. Once formed, additional contaminants will affix themselves to the existing scum line making it highly visible (and unsightly!). Our JM line of clarifiers can help you with these problems!
  • A weekly maintenance product, the All Fixed Up Stuff is designed to be added to swimming pools weekly during the shocking process. This product is designed to work with all sanitizer systems and pool finishes ensuring that your water remains sparkling and clean!
  • The Emerald & Sapphire Stuff are known for their 4 in 1 action; they act as a clarifier, sequestrant, chelating agent and flocculant all in one product! Using these clarifiers will enhance your filter’s efficiency and can be used in any kind of pool!
  • Super Pacs, our highly concentrated enzyme product, is ideal for preventing the build-up of oils, lotions, and organic contaminants (including scum line!) in your swimming pool or spa. Unlike most liquid enzymes, this product will take you really far; one 1-oz Super Pac will treat 20,000 gallons for two weeks!


  • Do you have an algae problem in your pool? The Yellow Stuff works with Chlorine to remove algae from your swimming pool and ensure that it won’t return! Plus, it can be used safely in all kinds of pool systems.


A pool or spa is like a small aquatic “ecosystem.” Filtration is an important part of keeping the entire pool and spa looking its beautiful stain-free best. If the filtration is not operating efficiently, it could mean problems for the entire pool or spa.
  • Our Filter Fiber stuff is an amazing product designed to enhance the filtration process in any kind of system. It’s super concentrated, so you use less than half of other products, for better results! It’s biodegradable and reduces filter clogging as well.

Above The Waterline

  • This product is designed to remove calcium carbonate scaling and efflorescence issues above the water line. Simply spray the product into the affected area, brush, and watch your scale disappear!
  • This product is extremely easy to use to remove even the toughest sun-baked, oily scum lines and water marks. Simply spray on, wait a few minutes, and wipe it right off!
  • Our Cartridge & DE Filter Cleaner product is your solution to disgusting and greasy filters. This product allows to you completely remove all contaminants and degrease your pool filters in no time at all! No soaking overnight is needed; after spraying the product onto your filters, you will be able to hose it off for nice clean & white filters in a few minutes time.
  • This is a great product to protect vinyl from UV fading and cracking; it also works to repel water, dirt and oils from surfaces! It’s great for spa covers, vinyl patio furniture and marine vinyl and cleans, shines, and protects. This product does not contain oils, waxes or petroleum distillates, unlike a lot of other protectant products.
  • All manner of floating debris (grass clippings, leaves, pollen, bugs, dirt, grease) can find its way into a pool or spa. Some of this will find its way to the waterline. Surface Magic is a remarkable product designed to make it easier to remove floating debris on the surface of the pool; just two drops will move everything on the surface to one end for easy clean up.
  • Our Tile Plus Stuff is a wonderful product to help remove scale, oils and cosmetics from all kinds of surfaces! This product will ensure that your tile, grout, vinyl liners and fiberglass look their absolute best.

For the Spa

  • Spa Magic is a no hassle, trouble free way to keep your spa clean; just ten minutes per week and you’re on your way to a sparkling clean spa! One kit is designed to wipe out bacteria and algae and treat a 500 gallon spa for an entire month. It’s quick and easy!
  • Take the worry out of owning a spa, with our Power Blue Spa Maintenance Pack! Containing 8 oz versions of three Power Blue Products (Water Line & Tile Cleaner, UV Protectant and Cartridge Cleaner), this package represents the ultimate “above the waterline” approach in a spa. Keep your spa looking great above the waterline too!