Jack’s Magic is a proud supporter of the National Plasters Council (NPC) in their ongoing efforts to give back to the community. Please join us in supporting the following NPC initiatives:

The National Plasterers Council has embarked on a NATIONAL “GOOD TURN” Program to raise funds for the JOHN WAYNE CANCER INSTITUTE. The Council is committed as the pool plastering industry to give something back to our nation. The next time you are in a crowd of people, look to your left, and then look to your right. One of the three of you will be diagnosed with cancer. This is a staggering figure. But what is more staggering is the infinite number of family, friends and associates also affected by this deadly disease. Cancer accounts for nearly one quarter of the deaths in the United States, exceeded only by heart disease. There is an increase expected due to aging and growth of the population. The JOHN WAYNE CANCER INSTITUTE has been very successful in research and cancer treatment since its beginning. Crucial discoveries are being made towards finding a cure. Right now doctors and scientists work side by side behind the scenes to share their knowledge and results with one another so that one day they can share the cure for cancer with the world. It is this unique and collaborative relationship that allows the Institute to rapidly turn scientific breakthroughs into innovative treatment and to detect cancer earlier.

If you want to join us in support of this noteworthy effort, click here to download a pledge form.